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Neuropsychological research has demonstrated that not only are different regions of the brain specialized for different cognitive functions, they also differ in the role they play in emotional processing. Areas of the brain that are involved in information processing are thus, concurrently and in a complementary manner, engaged in a variety of emotional processes, which may influence or interact with cognition at various stages of the learning or memory process.

The research in our lab focuses on examining how activity and function of different brain networks and regions correlate with cognitive, emotional, and social functioning and the implications for psychopathology, especially mood and anxiety disorders. We combine experimental paradigms from cognitive psychology, behavioral measures such as performance on neuropsychological tasks, measures of central nervous system activity such as EEG/ERPs and fMRI, and clinical measures.

Dr. Wendy Heller is the director of the CANOPY lab. Long-time co-director Dr. Gregory A. Miller continues to be closely involved. Our lab website is currently being updated (as of January 2022) and will be finished soon. Thank you for your patience.